Saturday, 8 January 2011

New Clothes!

Here is a some images showing the new clothes as well as new pose, a prop and the mound is back but I have a plan with the mound. Also to start with I will explain the strange blurry picture behind the model in the first image. What I have made is an IBR (image based lighting) Which takes a 2d image and takes the light from the image and creates 3D lighting so its a lazy, easy to give you a base lighting as well as having my own lights creating shadows and contrast in the shot. 

 So here is the redesign, Will post the textures later on as I am rendering some nice pictures to show. But Will explain what I have added. Firstly I re did the cloth as I wanted abit more shape and ruggedness but keeping to clay style of course. I have given him a belt and strap, simply modeled but does the job. Yes they are socks! I again not crazy polys but texturing will add enough for what I want, I have added some kilt material as a label on the sock!

 Here is a good image of the spade! Its in style and shape I designed earlier during the project and after showing people, I have got very good feedback and comments about it!

Here is a distant shot showing everything as a whole. The sporran is in now which as clips and straps to keep that hanging in place. 

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