Sunday, 9 January 2011

Project Summary

During this project I have improved on many things and also tried out different ways to do bits. Firstly I practiced my pipeline. I was able to jump back and forth into Zbrush then back into maya. I also learnt out to texture using Zbrush and even worked out how to texture in 3D in photoshop as well as doing the old technique of psd networks.

I have tried and tested render passes and render layers, I didn't go as far into it as much as I might of wanted to but it gave me a good base knowledge into how get started with using them.

The 3D printing as opened loads of new chances for me to explore and take my models and start to make really cool poses and get them printed out. My next step is to get one of my sculpts print which will cost a lot more but I really feel its worth it, then I really can see some areas in my models that I can work on. 

I think my final product was strong, I feel it fits the brief well and above all I think the concept behind it is that its a unique concept. I played on the fact the character was old by making him an "old goat", the fact he was scottish I based around a famous scottish comedian (spade shape) and he has a bald spot! he backside. My strong areas were the modeling and the speed in which I can get models out, but my weakness is sometimes I am too critical but thats not always a bad thing but sometimes slows me down. My texturing and Uv layout has improved loads and I am really happy with some of the final renders I was able to achieve. 

I am very happy with the outcomes and progress I have made during this project. I feel I have met the brief well and to a high standard. If there was an area I wanted to improve on it would be I could on body texture, I got it to look like clay but I think with abit more time I could of gone a step further with it. Also getting the client to let me put fur on the character as that would of brought it more to life!

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