Sunday, 9 January 2011

Compositing Time

These images show the compositing and colour grading process. The one on the left is what I started with and the one on the right is what I had once I finished with it. 

On the left show the filter I used to improve on the final image. Levels was used because then I can play with the individual aspects to the lights of the scene so I can darken the shadows, highlights and base lighting as well as brightten them. 

Also on the left you can see the image has less colour, I wanted to bring this out so I used the hue/saturation to do this. I could bring out my colours and also adjusting the levels more keeping my shadows and contrast so things don't look unbalanced.

I am very please with the outcome and the image on the right is the quality of the video, youtube lowers the quality unfortunately but atleast here you can see what was made.

 Here is the Ambient Occlusion for the base with grass also. This will add some nice basic shadows to the model which always gives a nice effect.

Same again with Mcglone model himself. I didn't go for many render passes and layers due to render times were already abit long so I was planning to do more work in aftereffects.

Here is the master layer which contain all my lights, colour and textures.

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