Sunday, 5 December 2010


Socks! I want him to have some true scottish guard socks! Maybe not white as thats abit boring. So I will develop the colour more when I get texturing. 
Straps and Belts! I want Mcglone to have some belts on him now as well as a clip and a random strap. I don't plan to go crazy with modeling as I can maybe get away with texturing the patterns. I was looking into some nice celtic patterns that would suite but you most like wont see it all so no need to go crazy.

Here is the new design for the kilt! I wasn't to keen about the last so have gone into photoshop and changed things about.
Ok! I had my model and development nearly finished then I took another look at my Character and thought. NO!! I didn't like his clothes. I thought it needed more. So I didn't go crazy as I still want to give the idea that this character is made out of clay and his objects are tiny but made out of other materials. So Now I have start to research into changing his kilt colour, adding some socks and some straps! More highlander.

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