Sunday, 9 January 2011

3D texturing with Photoshop

For texturing I normally use just photoshop with zbrush to do block colours. But for this last part of the project I have worked out how to do 3D painting in photoshop using obj. files.

What I was able to do was touch of the model and make sure that there was no seems or anything that showed up on the mesh that was not wanted.

Above the two images showing the change to create different render maps so you can composite them to test what they do. Above is a depth map and colour map.

Here is the texture I did completely in this 3D tool. I can jump between the two and it updates between 3D and 2D, sometimes the resolution varies and makes it hard but if you play around and do most in 2D up date it into 3D and clean up the seems it works nicely.

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