Saturday, 8 January 2011

Bump maps instead of Displacement maps!

Here is abit more development into sorting between displacement maps and Bump Maps. Also why I changed between displacement to bump.

I have used Displacement maps a few times but due to this project being short and I want to spend time on other things I have decided to change to bump maps, this would give me so much more time rendering and playing with lighting and other things rather than making sure I leave alot of time to render displacement. Also above shows some of the problems I had trying to render. I had it working but after the redesign no matter what I tried the displacements were causing to many problems and I thought he isn't moving and its not like they are muscles so Bump was called in and below shows my playing with the alpha gain and alpha offset which I learnt that lowing offset and making the gain higher makes the normal maps deeper or lighting so below shows the images of how I developed this.

Above shows what I started with. Its there trust me but not clearly so I went into Colour Balance and started to work with the settings.
Here is the Gain and offset push to far! Way to much depth and making the model look strange and ruining the nice smooth finish I would like with nice detailed textures.
Here is the final bump map where I am going to keep it, It gives nice depth and shows the detail I was trying to get across.
Here is a more zoomed out shot showing the bump maps with the full body. I am happy with the result, next step is to start adding the colour and finalizing the base. Which you can see I have texture but next post more development images for the whole base.

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