Sunday, 5 December 2010

Renders Renders and Renders!

Now let the testing begin! 

Firstly wanted to comment on the texturing. I took the base colouring I did in zbrush and went into photoshop and using hair brushes I made and found on the internet I created a more detailed texture. I didn't go to crazy but I am alot happier than I was with the texture now.

Below are a selection of renders, the bottom one was the first out of the lot but will comment on each one and say what I liked or disliked about each one.

 Now this image makes me think. I like this render. I used a lambert for it and I know theres no reflection or specular but the texture comes out so much nicer than before! maybe I can try implement this when I do render passes?
 Blinntastic! Yeah this render was to much reflection and to much everything. Horrible effects going on there and the reflections are making the textures look strange.
 Another image with different lights. Wasn't to impressed or unhappy about this render. Needs work as the model doesn't standout well enough for me. The environment might not be there and the camera doesn't suit the lighting.
 Here is a ok render. No base this time, I was trying to get some specular and reflection, I thought underneath the chin was a nice result also near the elbow.

A front image of the one below. I am happy with the outcome, apart from textures. I might try add a IBR image to bring out some more interesting reflections and better lighting but that will be done when I am comfortable with the shader settings.
This was the first of the lot and is one of my favourite as I used blinn as well as lowering the reflection and specular down but I kept a hint of both there. Again I wasn't to keen on the texturing here and wanted to improve on that right away, But I am happy with the kilt textures they are fitting the job well and down plan to mess around with them to much.

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