Saturday, 27 November 2010

Tools to show Clay!

For this project, I plan to use zbrush for texturing. I haven't textured much before and I was planning on using software called bodypaint or mari, but I couldn't get a good copy or a version that worked well with my computers so zbrush and photoshop will be my main software for the final look of the character!

As its meant to be a character made out of clay, so I am not trying to make a realistic detailed character! To make sure of this I am only going to use tools that I feel would be used to make a claymation character. The tools are:

Rake Tool
Clay tubes Tool
Clay tool
Slice and Smooth tool

These will make sure I keep to the style I am wanting. I will try give the impression of fur and wrinkles to give the detail level I am wanting for this character.

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