Friday, 12 November 2010

Above are 2 examples of my pipeline process when it comes to making a character in maya. As I don't plan to create a realistic model such as adding muscles, hair and other hyper realistic things I want to spend as much time in Maya as possible because normally I would be quick in maya and get sculpting in maya but this character has simple form and simple features to I plan to use zbrush as a touch up program this time, only using it to add final textures and final details. Ok back to the above. What I always do is work on my form so I take screen shots, turn on silhouette mode etc, to see how the form of the character is looking and I draw over them in ways I think it can be improved! These images show this. Top image shows the before on the left after on the right and red is showing the things I have changed and Blue to show things I still plan to change! Same with the bottom image. Even with clothes added I am still looking at his form to make sure it is giving the right "look", "style" I am wanting. I will need to work on some bits as I still feel he needs to look older! so hopefully soon I will crack that!

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