Saturday, 27 November 2010

Details, Details and more details!

Above is an image showing detailing on the hoofs of the character. I'm really pleased with the out come! I like the detail I got only using the tools I chose to use to keep my clap style. I have cheated a little by adding colours but I'm really pleased with the result. Needs alittle touching up but that shouldn't take to long.

Above are 2 images showing more progress on the hoofs and legs. Again I think its going well and keeping the style I am wanting! It looks like clay but still gaining some sort of realistic surface not just plain block colours.

 Here shows before and after images of the hands. Still need to add details but so far so good. Again I am making sure realistic doesn't take over the clay style I am looking for.
 Above is the image of the textures horns. I added some realistic details showing age wear and tear such as scratches, dents and scuffs in the horns. I used a dark grey with some whites highlights to bring out the scratches. Also you can see I have added ginger highlights for the eyebrows to bring out that scotsmen stereotype.
 The image above shows progress on the head.

Above are 3 images showing the progress on the head. I have added alot more great to the model to show age etc. I am happy with the progress I have made and I feel I am getting alot of detailing with the tools I have chosen to keep the clay style going. I highlight the lips alittle bit more as well adding hairs in the ears, darkened the eyes which I plan to edited alittle as I want the eyes to show age the most.

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